Best Substitutes for Brisket | 7 Perfect Options 

Substitutes for brisket

It is important to know that there is no specific brisket substitute. It is a hard cut of meat to find outside. But there are numerous alternatives you can use if you can’t obtain or use brisket for your grilled meal. 

If you require a beef alternative, there are numerous choices available. There are great choices for beef such as a variety of chicken and hog pieces that can be used in place of brisket. 

You can locate a few solutions that are good for vegetarians and for those who don’t want to consume beef brisket or its meat replacements. So, let’s have a look at the different substitutes for briskets

What is special about Brisket? 

Brisket is a cut from the front that is below the ribs of ram calves. That’s why it is a lean, rough, and fatty piece of meat that is rich in fibrous tissue. As a result, it can make ham and roast beef. The plain slice is short and thin which costs less but has more fat. 

There are two slices of brisket available. Both slices have a rich flavor that is difficult to beat. But they require slow cooking to get soft.

At the butcher’s shop, untrimmed or unseparated beef brisket is normally inexpensive. This is among the most affordable beef slices. Before grilling, you only have to use a BBQ knife to remove the tip from the surface.

The best substitute for Brisket 

For your favorite recipe, brisket is an excellent slice with a decent ratio of meat to fat. You can start by searching for a meat slice with similar qualities to brisket. It includes a lot of collagens, a rich flavor, and a reasonable price.

I’ll examine the greatest alternatives to beef brisket that have comparable qualities in the following list.

1. Beef Chunk 

Beef Chunk 

When searching for a replacement, the chuck component of the beef is the best option. It is located directly above the brisket and it should be given priority.

Chuck steaks are well-known for many different names, including square chuck slice, chuck wrap roast, and chuck pot roast. The brisket can be swapped out for any of these cuts. They are all reasonably priced and have amazing flavors.

2. Round or Bottom Rump Roast 

Round or Bottom Rump Roast

The flat or round ruff roast is an additional choice for brisket substitute. It is taken from the steer’s hind end. Similar to the beef and chuck, this slice has a lot of connective fiber and needs to prepare for a very long time. 

But rump steak can become dry and its flavor is not as strong as that of slice roast.

3. Flank and Sirloin 

Flank and Sirloin

Beef brisket can alternatively be substituted with side cuts. The flanks are cut below the small thigh, and sirloin steaks are cut above the sirloin. 

The side steak is delicious and has a thick consistency that you would like to eat. It has a strong taste without being greasy and fatty. In this way, it can be a healthy option as well. 

The best inexpensive slices are those that have been slow-cooked, but this is among the great alternatives! 

Instead, you must sauté it and avoid overcooking it. It should be served in thin strips as well, rather than serving the entire cut with the dish like a steak.

4. London Broil 

London Broil

London broil is a fantastic alternative to beef brisket if you are looking for a good cut at a reasonable price in the local supermarket. For your family meal, this budget-friendly cut will provide you with a mouthwatering flavor impact with a catchy title. 

This can be the best substitute for brisket by providing rich flavor and texture within your budget. Some claim that the term “London broil” refers to a marinade process. It involves simmering steak for one to two days in a mixture of beef stock, brown sugar, and spices.

5. Flank Steak 

Flank Steak 

Because of their comparable flavor and texture to brisket, side steak can be used in place of it. The bottom, near-belly slice of the cow is called a flank steak. It is similar to brisket in that it has less fat along with collagen and ligaments. This can be a fat-free option for you. 

Regarding taste, flank steak can resemble the renowned flavor of brisket due to its deep, meaty flavor. 

An extra advantage is the consistency of flavor and thickness of both flank steak and brisket. Each of them is a robust cut of meat that can endure a lengthy food preparation and potent sauces.

6. Pot Roast 

Pot Roast 

You can use many of the brisket preparation techniques to produce pot roast. Due to its consistency, it is a flexible and wonderful brisket replacement. 

Pot roast is a modification of the original beef à la mode which is slow-cooked several times. It helps to acquire a particular flavor profile and texture that you intend to get.

Additionally, the meat is cooked in the American method to decompose the carbohydrates and amino acids. In this way, it will create a fall-apart sensation and savory dripping flavor. This has the amazing flavor and texture that you will love to eat with any dish or separately.

7. Short Ribs

Short Ribs

The short rib is another tasty brisket substitute on the list. You can get a delicious and delicate cut of meat from this amazing option.

As opposed to premium ribs, short ribs have some of the cow’s most soft meat. It allows them to be a fantastic slice to cook in the pan. You must first cook the short ribs in a pan to get the finest results. 

Then flavor the ductile iron pot with your preferred ingredients, such as peppers, chili, garlic powder, oil, etc. You can use the specified quantity of the seasonings according to your taste and preferences.


The succulent cut of meat known as brisket is praised for its moist and soft meat in Texas-style dishes. Few individuals can afford to make the meal at home because it is pricey meat. 

In this article, I have described all the best substitutes for Brisket that you can use. This list of brisket alternatives will assist you to choose a beef cut that meets your budget and enjoy brisket taste.

What do you think about it? Do share your feedback! 


What is a Brisket Roast? 

The cow’s breast cut is usually taken for the brisket roast. It is then cooked with a ton of onions. The outcome will be mushy and falling apart tender meat.

What is another name for Brisket?

The word “brisket” is used to refer to an animal’s chest area or breast. The original name of the raw brisket was “brusket,” which was derived from the Old Norse word for flesh. Braised beef brisket is the name that is given to the prepared brisket and has been combined with salt water.

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